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Cooperative game points are shared among the winners, as are points when the game wins. For each overall Game category:. The boards will re-set each month this may vary depending on activity , but historical data will be retained for special events. How our Leader Boards work: Each game has its own leaderboard, but there are also overall category leaderboards. Board Games. There were no annoying grammatical errors or typical stereotypical foolishness, it was just on some real ish I can and do greatly appreaciate. Never read this author before, but I am now a fan from this book on.

Jan 23, Shana Brown rated it it was amazing.

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When Love is Involved Loved this. Londyn and Chance grew up together and when they see each other again, they realize that they've definitely "grown"! Sparks fly, the attraction is mutual Eric Londyns' big brother and Chances' friend may not be as supportive and will they get caught up in "the games we play" in New relationships? One-click and follow their journey. Jan 20, keekeyada rated it it was amazing. I love a good "forbidden love" theme! I really enjoyed this read and I swear I laughed the entire way through!

I have so many highlighted sections where I just cackled!

Also, Londyn is my spirit animal, so many scenarios presented, I screamed in my head "That's all me! Super relate-able read complete with deep belly laughs, hot sex scenes, swoon-worthy couple, and HEA all things I consider a 5-star read! Jan 31, Deshon Dreamz rated it it was amazing. I just do! The way she writes, the way she flows and develops love.

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It's just always so good. It's a playful yet deeply rooted approach to writing that creates opportunities to sneak attack your emotions. Before you know it, you are in love with her characters and rooting for them to win in the end. This couple was no different. The complexity of both the situation and the love story. The blurred lines of love and friendship. I enjoyed this read!


Jul 25, Ebony rated it it was amazing. Fun, flirty, and sexy Lolo and Chance surprised themselves when a fun fling turned into a loving relationship. Lolo was head strong and prepared to ignore her feelings in order to protect her heart. Chance fell quickly and stayed down even when Lolo kept trying to play him. He was everything she knew she needed but was afraid to take the risk on The supporting cast was funny and seemed like good people to have in your corner.

Jan 22, Britt Joni rated it it was amazing. Let's play a little game When I say this author wrote the heck out of this book I mean she raised the bar for I loved seeing them transition from lovers to a couple in love. Like where can I find a Chance? Loved her. If I could rate it higher I would. Jun 16, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

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The games they played!!! I loved Londyn and Chance! They were so cute together knowing each other since childhood, her being the little sister with the secret crush for her older brothers best friend! Looking forward to Jayla and Khalid's story! Great job Alexandra Warren looking forward to continued great stories!

Feb 10, Teresa Mcmillian rated it it was amazing. I Love Games! I read this book in one setting because I did not what to put it down. Chance, Londyn, and the supporting cast kept me laughing and entertained. I have my fingers crossed that I will see more from Jayla and Khalid in the future. Feb 09, Katheryn rated it really liked it.

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Londyn and Chance H loved Londyn's independence and Chance was definitely the man. Their story was a good one, but the issue with Eric irked my soul. This story left me with a few questions, like why was Londyn dreading her mom's party?

It just seems like these characters were not as developed as Ms. Warren's other characters. Jan 21, kristen Johnson rated it it was amazing. Awesome read This book was a great story. I was up all night just to finish it. London was really getting in her own way but I'm glad she finally got it together.

click here London and Chance were the perfect match, I just wish she would have got Michelle. Now I'm ready for Khalid and Jayla. I can see already that Jayla is a firecracker. Jan 21, Daphne rated it it was amazing. Miss Annie stole the show!! First, Chance and Londyn were cute. Their f-budy relationship was bound to change once they explored those long lost feelings but baby!!

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Miss Annie was my favorite!! She was goals for real. Her video going viral??!! Her and Miss Ellen were hilarious.