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What does jQuery Mobile do?
  1. "Try it yourself" Examples in Each Chapter
  2. The Future of jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile | jQuery UI Blog
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For this we will use a simple select menu.

"Try it yourself" Examples in Each Chapter

Here again you will notice that we added the one, two, three, four class for further styling. How to get sponsors for an event.

Data masking: 3 FAQs answered. Top mobile data security tips for businesses. How to get your first 5, YouTube subscribers.

Encryption key management, simplified. Data security training: Your workforce reference guide. Hi Stephanie, Great tutorial. I've downloaded the files, but when I click on any link, for a example, "Some sushis", the message "Error loading page appears". The links in the. Can you tell why? I really like this tutorial very much and help me a lot to understand jquery mobile but after completing it how do i put in app store and in android market. Keep it up! Will definitely be in touch.

Cheers, AK.

The Future of jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile | jQuery UI Blog

Since many people asked for it, I have written the server-side code for this application using Django and written a basic tutorial. Hello Stephanie, I built a Jquery mobile application where I used only as you did data-transition attribute to link a html page to another one. The issue is that I faced some problems when i reach the page that I am linking to: the format is messed up.

The problem is the last solution for the first problem creates another problem which is the data-transition attribute will be automatically disabled and a blank page shows up between the transition of my two html pages which is undesired. So how could I make a transition without showing a blank page while maintaining a good format? In the tutorial you didn't even used the relation attribute though you used html files linked together how did you make that happen?

Thank you a lot. Hi Stephanie, i came across your tutorial looking for help on how to integrate the server side. I've been learning jquery mobile for a while now but i keep having problems with the server side. Im creating a simple app just for practice, i hace a simple login form, then if the login is succesfull it shows a list of data asociated with that user. I tried using php and some javascript, but i keep having problems with functions not being called at the right moment, or the page not refreshing to show dynamic data, or buttons not functioning correctly. I'm really frustrated since i cant find any usefull information on how to solve this issues.

I see tons of questions on quora about preventing default behavior for forms for the login section i'm trying to do I still dont know if i should use separate htmls for pages that load dynamic info or should stick to one page structure like your demo. What tips can you give me about loading content via php? Pretty awesome tutorial. I was able to understand the code pretty easy with the explanations that you provided.

Build a Mobile List Based Web App in 12 minutes with jQuery Mobile

Amazing what jQuery Mobile can do I am Tizen developer in India. This tutorial is really appreciable to start the jQuery Mobile development. Great Work.. We are using to add the numbers in the buttons but if we have to make it dynamic as in it changes according to the numbers of restaurants present what would you suggest I do Need your suggestions! But one query, i many times searching but not found exact result. Query : what is best way for jquery mobile html page creation? OR we create separate html pages?

Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to thank you for illustrating the capabilities of jquery and the work you put into this - it is a fantastic article. You are very talented. Hi, Thank you for this tutorial , but the links not work , anyone can re-upload again. User download only what she or he wants and is easy to upgrade web page. On the we convert our web app to native app Have been assigned to convert a Jewellery e-commerce website into a standalone mobile site instead of using CSS3 Media Queries. This tutorial's gonna come handy in the process. Thank you!

Dropdown to select the food 2. Dropdown to select the town 3. Dropdown to select the restaurant However, it will be more useful if the town dropdown contained only the list of towns which has the selected food at dropdown 1, and the restaurant dropdown contained only the list of restaurants which have the selected food at dropdown 1 and is located at the selected town at dropdown 2 true and related cascading Hope you will do it.

If not, I would be thankful if you can provide me links to other resources on how to use cascading dropdowns using jQuery Mobile, preferably linked to related database tables in your example, it would be food, town and restaurant tables. Hello, any way to dynamically grab the restaurant infoamtion Any Ideas? Thanks for your time Hello, Nice Tutorial.

If i wanted to make a live app How would i get all the restaurants information automatically? Any suggestion on how to bring in the restaurants to the app without having to manually put them in would be great. In other words is there a dynamic way to grab all the restaurant information and menu if that information is provided? Thanks, Sebastian.

Great job Stephanie I am 3d cad designer.

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Web design is my hobby. Great work you little rock star! I am retrofitting your techniques over an existing Android application and it works as advertised, however, it's slow as hell! Any idea how those resources might be packaged in the Android APK and made available locally on the phone? Peace, Scott. For those asking for server side code: again, this is a tutorial shared with love to the community to show what can be done with jQueryMobile, not a "copy paste and use as it is app".

If you have special developpement needs, I recommand that you contact a developper that will be able to do the work for you :. Your sample is great! I am wondering one thing. Thanks for the post, very good explanation. It will be also nice to have a backend admin with a database so the whole process is dynamic and easy to add restaurants. Hi, really loved this, but having one problem. I am using a slider I had a settings page already before seeing this tutorial , but the slider doesn't work for some reason? I can change the numbers with the box, but cannot move the slider left or right?

Any ideas? Many thanks for this, just love it, Malky. I think am just like Stephanie because am not too strong on server side scripting. Can any server side expert create a tutorial on this idea but fetching data from a database or from the cloud i. Thanks for responding.

Migrating from jQuery Mobile

I don't know much about making apps or coding. I just know with Snappii apps, I can see my work on my Ipod as I go along. How could I know what my app looks like when I'm working with iquery mobile? And how can I test it? How can I view the app on my devices as I go along? Is there any way to do that? Very nice tutorial!

What percentage a solution like this would cost less than a native app?