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You can also change the status of location privacy. On the whole, compared to Android 9 Pie, Android Q surely offers a more elaborate way to ensure your data privacy. With Android Q, I am more relieved that the data on my phone is getting more security than before, even if it doesn't have the best security solutions that iOS offers.

Dark Mode: Yes, Android Pie finally gets a native dark mode. Sadly, it's only available when you enable the Battery Saver mode. That said, the dark mode works similar to the one we have seen on OnePlus and Samsung phones so far.

The Beta is... full!

The UI in notifications panel, Settings menu and the Phone app gains a black background. This certainly helps while reading in low ambient light situations. I wish that over the successive beta versions, Google enables it for use in the non-Battery saver mode, similar to a dark theme. Speaking of themes. Accent colours: If you have used a OnePlus device, you must be familiar with tweaking the accent colours across the OS. Android Q also gets similar accent colour options but its quite restricted at the moment.

You can only choose from four colour options. There's one font available apart from the default Google Sans font. You can even modify the icon shape. These settings are hidden under the Developer Options in Beta 1. Smart battery indicator: Android Q now shows how long your phone will last under the current usage scenario. When you bring down the notification shade, the battery meter is gone and in its place is shown the estimated time left based on the usage pattern.

beta Archive – ownCloud

This is a nifty feature that could help those who have battery anxiety - at least you won't have to do the math, figuring how long will your phone last. Instead of dictating complex passwords, you can simply scan the QR code on your other phone to latch on to the network. Besides QC and marketing , many other departments can use beta testing to inform their process. Of course, finding bugs and crashes. Putting your app in the real world across many different devices and environments uncovers issues that might have slipped past your team. Beta tests are the first chance you get to validate your app with real users, and they can give you a lot of information about your users.

By analyzing their in-app behavior you can easily identify where they might be getting stuck or the common drop-off points. You can then use qualitative feedback from user interviews or surveys to put these numbers into perspective.

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Beta tests are also a great chance to optimize your onboarding process to make sure it allows your users to quickly get started and extract value from your app. Similarly, you can test your documentation to discover any errors or holes in them to make sure your users have all the information they need. They are the best opportunity for your marketing team to test their marketing message for effectiveness and optimize it. Additionally, they can test the effectiveness of their channels to identify the most valuable ones and optimize their message for them.

Engaging your beta testers can also turn them into evangelists who willingly promote your app.

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  5. With a new app or feature, your support team might not be very familiar with its ins, outs, and different uses cases. Beta tests give them the chance to become more intimately familiar with your app and identify the common issues users face, and their solutions. Eats all my battery , is broken with nsfw content sometimes it shows without unlocking sometimes it can't be unlocked. Hangs and crashes constantly.

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    Every single post I type on mobile takes a while to show up. If I do anything other than type, it will crash. The Reddit app will freeze for around 30 seconds every time I reply with a comment. It's infuriating. Also noticed it takes like seconds for what I type to translate to text when I go to make a post or comment. I hate it so much. I've stopped using it until an update comes out.

    If I try to write a reply, the second the keyboard opens, the app will freeze my entire phone and then crash after minutes. Opening an imgur link will freeze it.

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    Opening my profile freezes it. It freezes and crashes opening, sometimes. It's not you. I had to wait about 10 seconds just frozen at the text input area before I could even type this. Same for viewing posts since last update. Glad it's not just me. It hangs. It sometimes doesn't show comments despite notifying of new ones. It seems to work nice for me, longer loading times on images but the Reddit video player works better.

    I just switched to Boost.

    How can Instabug help?

    Play store link: Boost for reddit. Posting this comment made mine hang up badly. And my husband's often shows the wrong image with a post. Comical at times, but annoying. How do we report this glitching to the correct channels? Also, we're both in Android 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hubby and S8 me and this started within the past 10 days.

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    Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Anyone can become a beta tester! How to beta test Current beta features Submitting feedback Please read the known issues before submitting Posts unrelated to current beta features will be removed. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion?