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If you feel the need to help out than do it… otherwise, be that ass of a couch potato. Your no real man if you are that sloppy shit stain. Do the laundry when you know you smell, not when the hampers full. Try not to think you still live with mom and dad. Live with it and be that person that YOU expect yourself to be and be appreciated by you and you alone. I never understood guys who think this way and trust me, some of my friends are this way. So, my reply was that is fine as long she is fine with it and you are taking care of something else.

My wife and I have been together for over 30 years and we have always shared the chores, it is our house, it is our kids, etc. I hate Walmart, so she does the shopping and I do the yard work in the winter, she does the shopping and I clean the kitchen. We both wash clothes, we both clean, we both cook…again it is our house and our life, there has to be give and take. A calm, sit-down conversation needs to be had. So great!

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I love this. I think men should contribute and share in all of the responsibilities and females should also share in the financial responsibilities… if they so desire to make that arrangement. Truth is, though… men and boys are in need of affirmation as well. Food for thought…. Then when our daughter was young, I did the morning duty of getting her dressed, fed and to daycare and later elementary school as well as doing any dishes left over from the night before while my wife picked her up and made her dinner, etc. My wife felt that afternoon duty was the most burdensome, while I felt morning duty was much more stressful because it actually had a tight and hard timeline to get her to school and me to work on time, and many tasks in that time.

This is pathetic. Never have I seen a bigger stereotype of men. Believe it or not, not all men are like this. I work the same hours as my wife, I cook, we both clean, I do the gardening. Never a single thank you.

15 Dumb Things You're Doing That Hurt Your Marriage

I am the husband. It all comes to to how they were raised. A little bit of nature and nurture. She was raised rich and spoiled, and in China. Very different culture too. I think this is up to each couple really.

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Each couple finds their balance and I think that as long as it works for them we should not judge or push an agenda. This sounds great in writing, but it is far from reality of modern families, at least for mine. After 25 years of hard work main income earner , cooking on the weekends for the rest of the week, and cleaning until late every night their messes , my three daughters did not do any cleaning, even their own messes, and my messy wife did the same.

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Eventually they all united and decided they wanted to live in a messy house. The daily battles for them to do the minimal which is to clean their own messes became unbearable and destroyed my marriage. The suggestion in article only work if everyone in the house is EQUALLY committed to that discipline with responsibility and accountability of each in the family.

Marriage is not a partnership neither is it slavery. You always look out for your partner because you want to maximize your time together. I will so dishes to help because my wife feels loved and appreciated. Perfect comment!

Don’t Get Married Yet If Your Partner Does These 9 Things | HuffPost Life

I knew I would find one eventually! When I troll it is for comments that I agree with, and affirm them, too many people want to argue these days. So keep up the good commenting work! Nothing wrong with feeling acknowledged. I am a stay at home mom. I take care of the house and kids. There are times where he goes above and beyond.

When he washes dishes, he will clean the kitchen. He will take the kids out to breakfast so I can sleep in because of the hard week I encountered. It took me many years for me to teach him that he lives in the house as well and everyone needs to contribute in some way. The children see him doing chores and now they are doing chores without argument.

They have learned that if everyone helps, we can spend more time with family. This has happened a fair few times in a fair few relationships and each time I have ended up ending them. Thinking to my self wow i wasted x amount of years of my life, because I cant even remember the good times because they have been drowned out by all the incessant nagging. I have watched so many of my friends go from strong individuals to a husk of their former selves, in conversation you listen to them and its like they cant wait for death for a rest from it all.

I can handle the workload I find it challenging and hard going but I dont stress about it what infant handle is being mistreated and it be under this modern age BS the writer has puked up above. When he is mowing the lawn and I bring him an ice cold drink, he thanks me for the help. Similarly, when I ask him to chop vegetables for dinner, I thank him because he really has helped me. When I need a shower and ask him to take over watching the kids, I thank him. It is that I genuinely want my hubby, at all times and in all ways, to know that he is a sexy, generous, kind, attentive partner and provider.

When he thanks me, I know it is because he sees me as a sexy, generous, kind, nurturing partner and home-maker. I tell our 4 children all of the time how wonderful their father is and he sings my praises to them. If helping me do the dishes is a little gift my hubby can give me to make us both happy, then I accept it as a gift, rather than dismissing it as an expectation. Having spent many years as a single parent or in unsuccessful relationships, the biggest lesson that I learned was to throw out the scorecard and show thanks and love every chance that you get. With my hubby, I have spent time as the primary breadwinner, the stay-at-home mom, the dependent college student, and the equal earner, but none of that ever changed the one fundamental constant of our wonderful relationship: we genuinely like each other and want the other to be happy.

My husband is my superstar. He does the food shopping and a lot of the cooking whereas I do washing and cleaning etc. In doing this, you can find the chores that best fit each member of the household.

If you live under a roof you have a responsibility to care for your home. I find that this helps alleviate stress on everyone. It makes every person in the household more appreciative of everyone else and by talking it through it gives your housemates a better understanding of what you can handle. No judgment, no confrontation, just a conversation. We are all the center of our own universe.

You just have to remember that you are not the center of the universe. If you are vying for control of a relationship, you are doing it wrong. A good rule of thumb is to be more worried about impressing the person with whom you want to spend clothing free time than anyone else and expect the same. I get folks have had bad experiences. Stop using those experiences as justification to treat people poorly. As I do agree with the grandiose article written by a woman nothing can be more far from the truth when it comes to a wife who is always unappreciative, unhappy and is never satisfied with any outcome.

There are just some women in this world who just never get it or understand how men work because of there selfishness, daddy issues, spoiled behaviors or OCD and set in their ways. No one is perfect! No man or woman. If one works 40 to 70 hours a week and the other works 10 to 20 hours per week should be understanding, and compassionate towards the tired one who worked all of those hours and should not expect the tired one to come home to cook, clean, shop or take care of children. He helps with the dinner without looking for thanks because he likes to eat, too.

It sucks having things go unnoticed. I also understand that perhaps she is too tired or stressed to thank him, however, when a pattern develops where she makes a mess and he cleans it up without it ever being acknowledged that he cleaned up her mess not mutual shared responsibilities, but things that are CLEARLY her mess , that can hurt and make you feel taken advantage of.

follow I think the author jumped to mega conclusions in order to look like a heroic hubby. Nah, not buying it. Unfortunately life is not as black and white as this article. Let me ask, is the world surrounded by just handymen or are there plumbers, electricians, cleaners, bakers, etc?

Same goes for marriages. Wake up people, marriages of the last years have not necessarily been sexist and relationships are like fingerprints, none are the same.

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Also, I have basically stayed at home for the past 15 years and he worked.