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  1. Forgetting the Pain of Exercise
  2. The Pain is in the Remembering
  3. Quote by Søren Kierkegaard: “The most painful state of being is remembering ”
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Frederick E. Endometriosis, confusion or sense? Eric J.

Forgetting the Pain of Exercise

Memory for dental pain and affect in chronic pain patients. Memory for chronic pain intensity: correlates of accuracy. Steven James Linton. Memory for pain: a review Aleda Erskine , Stephen E.

Morley , Shirley Pearce. The first step is acceptance of what happenned. If you shut yourself down and what you're feeling, you won't be able to move on.

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Forgetting memories can be though and it won't happen overnight but it is possible to overcome the pain the this person inflicted on you. If you need further help, you can always message me, I'll do my best to help. Did you find this post helpful?

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  3. The Pain is in the Remembering.
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  5. Whats the best way to forget painful memories and a person who hurt me?.
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Sever contact with them. No checking their Facebook or Twitter posts. No calling or texting them.

No Googling them. Don't give them the time of day. Put your energy and thoughts into other things and worthwhile activities.

The Pain is in the Remembering

Let yourself grieve and cope a little. Deal with in a healthy way- writing, talking, painting, drawing, exercise, etc. Create new, happy, positive memories in your life that will hopefully start to replace or overpower those painful ones. Whats the best way to forget? People tend to think that, there has to be a certain method or technique for doing something especially when it comes to emotions and what we feel inside.

We try to, lets say, ''fix'' this problem by doing something in the physical world. We are trying to tighten a screw on the outside when the ''fixing'' needs to be done on the inside. There are no screws on the inside. We do not forget, we instead move on from the horrible experience that happened to us.

The problem comes when we think. We start exaggerating the thoughts, and these thoughts begin to manifest the more you think, and the worst part is that you start creating feelings and emotions based on these thoughts that you have created which feels real. Does the situation exist? Is it real? Or is it the past? Is it something that has happened to you but you keep remembering it consciously? Everything that has happened to us should not be forgotten, instead should be realised that these are experiences, from which many people go through their own problems.

These things that happen, whether good or bad, are out of control.

Can you control when something good or bad will happen to you? The only thing in control on this planet and even universe is You. You can react in a certain way and feel a certain way simply by being conscious of yourself and aware of your surroundings.


Accepting that everything outside you is out of your control is key, it is, so to say, the first step to moving on. Forgiving the person who has done the harm to you, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually is the process of letting go. Now many people say: ''There is no way I can forgive him after what he has done to me!

Quote by Søren Kierkegaard: “The most painful state of being is remembering ”

But people do not understand that, forgiveness has nothing to do about the other person. Does it? Does forgiveness affect the other person in any way? Forgiveness is setting yourself free from the burden that the other person carries, you do it because you want to move on.

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You hold onto the memory which is the past, it does not exist anymore of the pain and manifest it into reality because you were hurt and do not understand why. Do you know how your thyroid gland works? Will your thyroid gland stop working if you dont understand it? I sure hope it doesnt because that would be a disaster.

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Your understanding of something does not change how it works. Your thyroid gland does not work any better than a doctors. Understanding is not important because, understanding - why this - or -why that- will not solve the situation. Your intentions within yourself and willingness to move on from the pain does, and forgiveness is important because you set yourself free from the pain which has happened and being continuously remembered. After all, it is the problems that make you grow into a stronger person, not the easy ones.

So learn from these experiences and let go of all suffering. Joy is a natural phenomenon. Learn ways to release these painful "what ifs," and regrets. This workshop is perfect for those who work with people in grief as well as those dealing with a loss in the last few years. Join David Kessler at this remarkable event which will help us understand that healing doesn't mean forgetting, it means remembering with more love than pain. New York October 27 — November 03, Overview Schedule Event.