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In those times, about one-third of pregnancies resulted in live births. On one occasion a pregnant mother, fearing the loss of her baby, asked Gerard to pray for her and bless her.

Pray with St. Gerard

Gerard obliged the mother, who gave birth to a healthy baby. Gerard died of tuberculosis on October 16, at the age of His last will consisted of the following small note on the door of his cell:.

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Gerard Majella is the patron saint of childbirth, children, pregnant women, mothers, falsely accused people, good confessions, lay brothers, the Pro-Life movement, and unborn children. His mother then sent him to her brother so that he could teach Gerard to sew and follow in his father's footsteps.

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  8. However, the foreman was abusive. The boy kept silent, but soon his uncle found out and the man who taught him resigned from the job.

    The Mothers’ Saint

    After four years apprenticeship, he took a job as a servant to work for the local Bishop of Lacedonia. Upon the bishop's death Gerard returned to his trade, working first as a journeyman and then on his own account. His earnings he divided between his mother and the poor, and in offerings for the souls in purgatory.

    The origin comes from an incident that happened in the last months of his short life.

    Once, as St. Gerard was leaving the home of his friends, the Pirofalo family, one of the daughters called after him because he had forgotten his handkerchief. It will be useful to you some day. Years later the girl to whom he had given it was in danger of death during childbirth.

    She remembered the words of Gerard, and called for the handkerchief. Almost immediately the danger passed and she delivered a healthy child.

    Saint Gerard Majella

    Don Miller, OFM. His only ambition was to be like Jesus Christ in his sufferings and humiliations. His father, Dominic Majella, died while Gerard was a child.

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    Saint Gerard Majella

    His pious mother, owing to poverty, was obliged to apprentice him to a tailor. His master loved him, but the foreman treated him cruelly.

    His reverence for the priesthood and his love of suffering led him to take service in the house of a prelate, who was very hard to please.