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Church Folks pray for God to get them out of their circumstances. Saints pray that God will reveal Himself through their circumstances. Church Folks praise God when they come out of their circumstances.

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Saints praise God in the midst of their circumstances. Church Folks join the planning committee. Saints join the implementation team sometimes after being on the planning committee. Church Folks preach about economic development, social justice, and personal prosperity. Saints preach the Gospel.

Rest of the UK Folk Music Venues

By no means is this short list exhaustive but at least it gives an idea of some of the differences there are between Church Folks and Saints. Hey, You might be Church Folk if….

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  • Widgets Connect Search. Glad I got that out now. There is a great difference between Saints and Church Folk. Here are a few: 1. Church Folks come to church.

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    Saints join in worship. Saints are placed in the body of Christ.

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    Church Folks serve at the church. Saints serve through the church. Church Folks join ministries.

    Saints are called into service. Church Folks thank God for what they have. Saints thank God for Who they have. Saints strive to walk right.

    The Church’s life-and-death struggle with Santa Muerte

    Church Folks name ministries after themselves. Variously known as "outsider saints," "outlaw saints," or "banned saints," some of these spirits and spirit guides may also be called upon by conjure workers who are not Catholics, but are spirit mediums or who work within a Spiritualist church tradition. Within the Catholic Church , a Catholic Church saint may be designated as a patron or patroness of particular causes or professions, or be invoked against specific illnesses or disasters.

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    • The following Catholic Church saints are petitioned for aid by conjure doctors and hoodoo practitioners who are Catholics , or who serve a primarily Catholic client base. Each saint has a story -- and a magical or spiritual specialty when it comes to helping people. Click on a saint's name to read about the saint, see a picture, and find out what kinds of prayers , petitions, and spell-craft are associated with the saint among Catholic spiritual workers in the folk magic tradition.


      Anima Sola is a soul in Purgatory Read More Jose Gregorio Hernandez is a contemporary beatified personage who is immensely popular in Latin America. He was a physician in life and died in while traveling to visit a poor patient in his native Venezuela. Read More The Intranquil Spirit is petitioned to return a wayward lover by harassing them with restlessness. Jesus Malverde is a Mexican folk saint who protects those who live outside the law. He is a destroyer of witchcraft, a guardian of agriculture and fertility, and a deity of the heavenly crossroads.